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24th May, 2017

Last night I attended the AIPP Awards and was announced as the 2017 AIPP New South Wales Pet/Animal Photographer of the year. My love of animals and photography have certainly made a great contribution to my career. This is my second win, last year was Portrait Photographer of the year and I am excited to see what may come my way next year.

Last week I said that I have an exciting announcement coming up and, while winning an award is exciting, that is not what I was talking about.
Over the past few months I have been working on rebranding my business and am excited to say that @LindaWarlondPhotography is ready to launch.
New Website is now up and running, - so let me know what you think.
Also, over the next couple of days I will be sending invites to all of you, in

15th May, 2017

Exciting announcement this week - stay tuned!

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14th May, 2017

Enjoy the day your way xxx

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03rd May, 2017

This is so true...In my experience as a birth photographer I see midwives are truly awesome!

18th April, 2017

I have just photographed this guy while he was having a check up at Sylvania Veterinary Hospital He has been missing for over a month and found in a Sydney river. I had to have a SNAP of me with home too.

09th February, 2017

This gorgeous pooch certainly likes to get in the photo....or photos <3

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06th February, 2017

All the stuff childhood dreams are made of...

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31st January, 2017

Love this passionate!

18th January, 2017

Absolutely stunning!

16th January, 2017

Learning from this gorgeous 4-year-old​ about making resolutions. Couldn't have put it better myself :)

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